Our courses are all online, self-paced and available 24/7. Students can be enrolled and take courses at any time–there is no need to wait for a new semester. Many of the courses have been approved by the University of California (A-G program).

Students are able to access SVHS courses from their home, school, library, or anywhere they have an Internet connection. Of course, the student will need a laptop, tablet or another suitable device but access to this school is not bound by physical location, time of day, or time-zone.

SVHS online courses are broken into units. A unit generally consists of a number of lessons with videos, followed by a quiz. There are online reading materials, web sites and documents to review, but wherever possible we try to provide compelling videos that students find accessible and entertaining.

After selecting a unit, the student watches the videos and reviews the materials, then may wish to attempt a quiz. Quizzes are not graded until they have been successfully completed. Our approach is to make the quiz-taking a learning process that helps the student gain mastery of the materials.

All courses have assignments that have to be submitted by students. The assignments are mandatory, SVHS grades and provides feedback to the student.

The student proceeds through the course materials at his or her own pace. There are generally no pre-determined timelines imposed by SVHS or by the particular course.

SVHS courses are easily accessible, simply organized, often entertaining, and provide relevant, contemporary education for today’s generation.


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